Why Are So Many Students So Angry? - $20.00 


     In her book, Why Are So Many Students So Angry?  Educator, Professional Development Speaker and expert Dacia L. Moore, LPC offers her practical, research-based advice for meeting disruptive, angry, disrespectful students head on!  Use her book as your foundational resource to reduce frustrating classroom behavior like classroom conflicts, angry and disrespectful attitudes, bullying, cyber-bulling, and more.


    These proven strategies have been successful with some of the most difficult student behavior.  Children with diagnosis such as ADHD, ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and a host of anger issues have all responded to these strategies which Dacia used during her 10 year tenure as the Director of a day treatment program.  If these strategies worked with that difficult behavior, they will work for you!


     Why Are So Many Students So Angry is your guide to take on and reduce disruptive behavior. It's a great resource for teachers, school counselors, youth workers, social workers, before and after school staff, and others who care for children.












Reduce Disruptive Behavior Package - $25.00 


   The Reduce Disruptive Behavior Package includes the book Why Are So Many Students So Angry? and a 4 poster Tool Kit

(Tool Kit not shown). 


     The Tool Kit is useful to anyone who works with angry, disruptive students.  It contains 4  notebook size posters that can be used individually, in a small group setting or in a classroom setting to teach students the basics of self-regulation and self-control. 


     The Tool Kit gives you the perfect visual aids to teach students how to stay calm in difficult situations and how to recover more quickly once a conflictual situation has occurred. 


    The 4 posters in this tool kit are:

  1.  Riding the BLUE WAVE - teach self calming skills to both the bully and the target (separately)

  2.  The Anger Meter - helps the bully to address their feelings.

  3.  The Frustration Meter - helps the bully and the target (separately) to address their feelings.

  4.  The Depression Meter - helps you and the target of bullying behavior to monitor emotions and address self harming thoughts immediately.


     The Reduce Disruptive Behavior Package is a must for classroom teachers, youth advocates, school counselors, school social workers, parents, or anyone who wants to reduce defiant behavior.  Dacia's easy-to-understand language shows how to replace your students' troublesome behavior with positive new behaviors.


This package contains both her book, Why Are So Many Students So Angry? and The Tool Kit


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