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Bully Prevention Strategies

Workshop Title: Strategies to Counter Bullying Behavior


Bullying behavior is a problem for everyone. Bullying behavior causes students to feel unsafe at school, and to suffer academically; it causes teachers and administrators concern for student safety and school liability; and bullying causes concern for parents who want their child to in a safe school environment.  No one wins when bullying occurs. In this workshop, participants will learn practical strategies to deal with bullying youth using CBT strategies that can be easily implemented.


Goal of this Workshop:
Participants will learn the three (3) types of participants in a bullying incident: the bully, the target and the bystander. We will discuss the role and motivation of each of these groups of students and what strategies work to hold them accountable for their behavior. We will also discuss in depth the four motivations of bullying behavior and develop specific strategies to target each motivation of this unhealthy behavior. Participants will walk away with a concrete plan of action that can be immediately implemented.


Learning Objectives
Participants of this workshop will:

  • Learn the most recent data on bullying behavior: what it looks like, where it occurs, why it happens and it’s potential long term effects

  • Recognize the red flags and early warning signs of bullying behavior

  • Learn the four (4) motivations for bullying behavior and CBT strategies that target each motivation.

  • Learn at least three (3) strategies that they can immediately use to prevent and/or decrease bullying behavior in their schools.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Participants will learn 3 strategies that they can immediately use to reduce bullying behavior

  • Improved school or home climate

  • Reduced legal liability of the school


Workshop Content
    The educational content of this workshop will include relevant and recent research on bullying. The content will also give educators an introduction and overview of using CBT in the classroom to address bullying behavior. This workshop will give educators practical strategies on how to work with youth to help them be more successful academically and socially. The workshop will be interactive, with case presentations, table top exercises, and audience participation. Participants will leave the workshop with several strategies they can immediately use to prevent bullying in their schools.

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