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Workshop Title: Surviving Change: Making the Most of Diversity.


The face of America is changing. By the year 2050, America’s majority will be people of color. You can resist this change, or make the most of it. The goal of this workshop is to help participants make the most of this change by
giving them practical, hands on strategies to facilitate, understand and enhance relationships. Participants will learn the RESPECTFUL model, developed by Michael D’Andrea & Judy Daniels. This model uses RESPECTFUL as an acronym, taking each letter to explore diversity from a broader perspective.


For example, R = religious/spiritual; E = ethnicity; S= socio-economic, P = Psychological Maturity, etc.


Participants will learn the RESPECTFUL model and apply it to their current situation in an effort to improve relationships and understanding between groups. Interactive activities, case studies and table topic discussions will help participants to enhance their knowledge of diversity while enjoying this engaging workshop.


Learning Objectives
By the end of this workshop, participants will

  • Learn each letter of the RESPECTFUL Model, what each letter means for them and how each aspect influences their personal perspective.

  • Explore their own personal biases and how those biases affect their perspective and their relationships.

  • Select and explore an aspect of diversity of their choice in order to create a plan of action to build bridges with others

  • Have a deeper understanding of people who are different from themselves in order to enhance understanding and cooperation.


Anticipated Outcomes:

Participants will have a better understanding of diversity, the role in plays in personal interactions and how to build bridges of cooperation instead of walls of fear and mistrust.


Workshop Content:


The educational content of this workshop will include relevant and recent research on the changing face of classrooms in America. The workshop will also give an overview of CBT and practical strategies on how to work with diverse students. The workshop will be interactive with case presentations and table top exercises. Participants will leave the workshop with several strategies they can immediately use.


Length of Workshop:
This workshop can be covered in a 2 hour, half day (4 hour), full day or multiple days based on the needs of your organization.