Below are comments taken from participants who attended one of my training workshops in 2013 (Click here to review the client list).  The participants were youth advocates, school counselors, school resource officers and/or teachers of various large urban school districts.

  • This is a workshop that teachers should also take! I would refer you to all individuals dealing with people. You were great!


  • I really learned a great deal! It has allowed me to evaluate myself. I will use this for my family as well!


  • I am a new youth advocate and the techniques I have learned today can be applied to my new career.


  • Everything mentioned today was very useful. Especially since its my 1st day. This was a great way to prepare me for WHAT IS AHEAD!


  • I love what I do, and I always like to learn new ways to help my students to be successful. You are a great motivational speaker.


  • Thank you for coming. Your outlook and your ideas will be extremely valuable in what we do.


  • I greatly appreciate your information, style, delivery, etc. will use tools.  This was a great workshop. Lots of great information

       Loved all of it . . . especially the tool box activities.


  • I enjoyed listening to Mrs. Moore. She was full of energy and lots of information.


  • I like your energy all day which kept me engaged to learn mew tools to work with students/school.  This was the most informative workshop I’ve had in a long time “very informative”.


  • I feel that this workshop helped to see how to deal with students in a different perspective.


  • It is so encouraging to see an African American woman like myself who is so knowledgeable about a subject that deeply effect students of color. I love that you educate people who teach our students and have no idea of what they go through at home. As a teacher I think your work is outstanding.


  • At times I’ve find myself dropping to the student level and causing the situation to become worse where it makes me look bad as the child.  Thank you! Phenomenal job! The worry jar was very informational for me in both my job @ GRPS and in local church dealing with teens and young adults


  • God used you to re-focus my heart! Thank you! Kathy



  • Very helpful. One can sense your passion when you speak. Thank you


  • This was a great workshop. I will use this in my resource classroom.   I loved your personal stories.


  • I will take the info back and apply with the kids I work with.  This was the best session of the whole conference. Very knowledgeable and charismatic presenter.

Below are comments taken from various training workshops given prior to 2013.

“Your training is needed for all educators!”


“I have heard you speak several times and always pick up new practical ideas that I want to try.”


“I loved it!”


“Very pertinent information. Good condensation of all concerns in to one presentation.”


“It was fun but intense!”


“You gave all of us a chance to discuss common behaviors and diagnose what strategies may help.”


“I thought you were great! I only wish it could have been a longer workshop!”

“Dacia, I want to thank you for embracing the Black Affairs Advisory Council (BAAC) with your presence and knowledge at our monthly membership meeting held on July 21, 2010. We learned so much from your presentation and your message was very relatable to everyone. As requested, the notes from your presentation were shared with the membership. Again, I would like to say thank you on behalf of BAAC!”
-Wanda Reed, BAAC Vice President


“On behalf of Mental Health America of the Heartland, I would like to thank you for giving an excellent presentation on “Using REBT in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children & Teens with Mood Disorders” on August 20, 2009. Everyone enjoyed the program and found it very helpful. I thought you did a wonderful job of engaging the audience. The practical examples were easy to understand and overall the program was rated as very useful. We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise.”

- Stacy Davis, Director, Mental Health Promotion.


“Dacia, Thank you for your presentation, it was awe inspiring. You are one of the most dynamic speakers that I have had the privilege of hearing.”

-Ms. Douglas, Missouri School Counselors Association Workshop Participant.

“The Anger Management Training provided by Second Wind was very successful. It really made a difference with our students. We want them back!”
-Ms. Green, Elementary School Principal


“You were right on target with your suggestion and I have been told that it was the BEST professional development many had been to”
-Ms Schaaf, Lead Counselor, KCMSD


“I have nothing but positive things to say about the training. The transformation has been phenomenal with our students.”
-Lead Counselor – KCMSD


“Dacia, I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for last week’s training. You had a tough crowd at a tough time of the year. I know that they found the information to be valuable or they wouldn’t be wanting the teachers to receive it as well. Hopefully we will be scheduling subsequent trainings for the next school year.”   -Deidre Anderson, Director of At Risk Programs -Hickman Mills School District Professional

Development Training for Vice Principals, School Counselors & Family Resource Specialists


Missouri School Counselors National Meeting 2010

“She was excellent” S. Saurer, Blue Valley


“Practical application for familiar theories” D. Rocco


“Very Knowledgeable” D Luna, JCCC


“Overall great information in the time we had and practical application of that information and skills” W. Skaggs


“Would have loved a longer session” N. Stramel


“Everything is great! Good job! R. Gilbert


“Outstanding presenter who is able to give professional skills to take back & use immediately” L Graves, Blue Valley


“Learned a lot in short period-great presentation”


“Love it! Very informative”


“Addressing actual examples from audience; specific advice including both questions to ask."


"Love her humor and relaxed deliver style; Excellent Presentation!; thanks for resources”