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Helping  Christian Women
find their Second Wind!

To make the rest of your life,
the BEST of your life!

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Becoming a Fearless Woman

Becoming Fearless is possible!

Stop wasting time,
Start making progress.

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Are you struggling with the pressures of leadership?  Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and want more out of your life?  I can help!  I specialize in helping leaders, experts and entrepreneurs enhance their emotional intelligence and develop a Champion Mindset.

Make the rest of your life, the BEST of your life! 

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Becoming a Fearless Woman 
Leadership Coaching

Becoming a Fearless Woman: Getting Your Second Wind is for women in leadership, who are at a crossroads in their lives.  This series will guide you on the path to enhance your leadership skills, gain new perspectives and improve your personal wellbeing from a faith filled lens

Mind Therapy Thursday

with Dacia Moore

every week @ 7:05 am CST
on the Debbie Dee Morning Show!

Gospel 1590 KPRT/1590 AM or 106.5 FM

Gospel 1590 AM or 106.5 FM


Counseling & Personal Life Coaching

Individual counseling and/or  life coaching will help you unpack the baggage from the past and move towards your God-given purpose.

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Becoming a Fearless Woman is designed for women in leadership,  who want to feel more empowered, hone their leadership skills and walk in courage.  These sessions are designed to strengthen women personally and professionally.  We talk about relationships,  successfully climbing your career ladder, dealing with racial inequality and Black fatigue, and how to live more courageously in this world as a strong Christian woman.
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