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Using your faith in your healing

Don't burnout by doing too much!

If you are struggling with a relationship, under too much stress, feeling overwhelmed, and want more out of your life, I can help!  My mission is to help you to improve your relationships so that you can improve your life! Click here to find out more!

Becoming a Fearless Woman Workshops

Becoming a Fearless Woman is a growing  process, but if you don't begin, you will never arrive. These workshops will help you grow in Courage, Confidence and will help you make better Choices.  Move towards courage and away from fear by Becoming a Fearless Woman!

Counseling & Life Coaching for Better Relationships

Individual counseling and coaching services will give you tools to increase the peace, reduce your stress and improve your relationships!

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Becoming a Fearless Woman is a series of workshops designed for women who want to feel more empowered, find purpose and walk in courage.  These workshops are designed to strengthen women personally and professionally.  We talk about relationships, money management, career choices, and how to live more courageously in this world.
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