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Dacia Moore


Dacia speaking to her workshop

Hi!  My name is Dacia Moore and I can help YOU get your Second Wind!


Whether you are struggling with your emotions and need a counselor, you are pursing God's purpose for your life and need a Life Coach, or you are woman in leadership and need accountability and neutral perspective to face your challenges head on in a confidential, non-judgmental space - I can help!


My expertise is in helping leaders, business owners, experts and entrepreneurs enhance their emotional intelligence in order to develop a Champion Mindset.


I started Second Wind Counseling & Consulting in 2003, with the specific goal of teaching African Americans about the benefits of mental health counseling.


In addition to my private practice, I have hosted a weekly radio show, Winds of Change, where I interviewed local and regional celebrities about timely topics related to mental health.  Winds of Change ended in 2015, when I became the Executive Director of GateWay of Hope, a women's counseling and life coaching ministry.


I'm back, doing Second Wind full time again and want to continue to contribute to my community.  I do a weekly radio guest segment, Mind Therapy Thursday, every Thursday morning at 7:10 am CST on Gospel 1590, KPRT.  Listen in! 


I enjoy using my speaking gifts to facilitate training, inspirational workshops and keynote talks around the country for churches, associations, businesses and women's groups.  

particularly enjoy empowering Christian women to be more courageous.  Using my Becoming a Fearless Woman framework, I help women to uncover the beliefs that are holding them captive to fear, anxiety and distress.  Then share with women how to live with more courage and to make choices that will move them in a powerful direction.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Detroit, Michigan and now lives in Kansas City, Missouri.   I have 2 adult daughters, Acacia and Alicia, and 2 grandchildren, Jarrell and De'Mari.



​Dacia has developed and customized many workshops and training programs for women's groups.   Recent topics include:

  • Managing Burnout and Stress

  • Finding Your Purpose 

  • Developing a Resilient Mindset 

  • Keys to Becoming a FEARLESS Woman!​

  • Living with Courage - One Day at a Time

  • Be C.L.E.A.R about where you are going.

  • She has also authored a number of articles and the book, - Why Are So Many Students So Angry? a foundational guide for educators and parents on how to reduce angry, aggressive behavior.

  • Dacia serves on the Board of Trustees of the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund and on the board of her church, Sheffield Family Life Center.   

Dacia and the girls
Group picture with Dacia

My daughters, Acacia, Alicia and me

My grandsons, De'Mari and Jarrell

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