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I provide 2 kinds of Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Life Coaching.  Each can come from a spiritual perspective where we use our Christian faith and God's word to help you navigate the challenges in your life.  If you feel like you are at a crossroads and don't want to waste any... more... time then coaching is your answer!
A coach can help you boost your performance and guide you to take the next right steps in order to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!   A coach can help you to become C.L.E.A.R.  about your road ahead. 
Decide on which type of coaching fits your needs, then schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to determine next steps.
If you are a leader in an organization, a business or a church, you know the loneliness and isolation in your position.  Having a trusted mentor, someone who will not only listen and understand your journey, but who can give you valuable feedback and suggestions is priceless. 
As a successful Executive Director in a small nonprofit for 8 years where I grew the budget by more than 500%, and as an entrepreneur for 20 years where I have survived 2 recessions, I understand the challenges of growing a business while managing your staff, growing your organization and of leading yourself.
Challenges such as:
  • Board Governance
  • Staff Management
  • Fund Raising
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Dealing with Overwhelm, Fatigue and even Burnout.
Hiring a Leadership Coach, someone who has been there, and can help you navigate to success, in a confidential and non-judgmental way, can be of great benefit to you!
Click here to read my most recent article on Leadership CoachingThen click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call to determine if Leadership Coaching is a good fit for you.  

Deep within us all lies an extraordinary power to pursue our God-given purpose in a bold and confident way.

In order to do that, we must overcome our inner fears and allow our talents to shine.


Enter the Becoming a Fearless Woman Life Coaching Program – your path to self-discovery and success.


Guided by my C.L.E.A.R. framework, you'll embark on a transformative journey, equipping you with the tools you need to manage your mental and emotional well-being effectively. It's time to say goodbye to limiting beliefs and hello to the success you undeniably deserve.


The Becoming a Fearless Woman Coaching Program will provide you with:

🌟 Crystal Clear Goals: We'll uncover your vision with unmatched precision, transforming it into the beacon lighting your path.


🌟 Transformational Habit Formation: Discover the secrets to cultivating habits that stick and effortlessly drive you toward your dreams.


🌟 Confidence to Overcome Negative Self-Talk & Limiting Beliefs: Say goodbye to self-doubt, anxiety, and fear, and welcome the unwavering confidence you've been waiting for.


With over two decades of experience as a licensed professional counselor and a seasoned life coach, I've guided countless women in conquering their inner obstacles. My wisdom, personal and professional journeys, and extensive education will serve as your guiding light as I walk alongside you to help you realize your aspirations.


Let me guide you through a transformative journey to unlock your full potential. Your unique brilliance should never remain hidden – together, we'll amplify it, ensuring it resonates worldwide. Your destiny awaits; seize it with a clear mind, full heart, and unwavering determination.


Click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call. 



To make the rest of your life,
the BEST of your life!
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