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Workshops & Keynotes
Keynote Talks

Dacia inspiring keynote talks help the participants at conferences, business meetings and organizations focus on helping their members improve their quality of life.  She enjoys sharing valuable information about mental wellness issues that will give your entire team the practical skills to manage stress, overwhelm and to improve work-life balance.

group picture with Dacia
Leadership Development Program
New Leaders Small Group Program

There a many skills that help a leader to be successful.  Most programs focus on the "hard" skills.  Dacia can help you focus on the "soft" skills which will improve your Emotional Intelligence and guide you to a more effective role as a leader who influences and persuades her team to success.

Dacia has had a number of successful positions in nonprofit leadership with proven results. This make her uniquely qualified to guide you! 

Workshop Facilitation & Training

Workshop facilitation and training are two areas of specialty for Dacia.  As a former adjunct instruction in psychology, Dacia knows how to relate to an adult audience, get them engaged and involved and learning!  She offers a variety of topics such as:

  • The Basics of Healthy Mental Wellbeing

  • Managing Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout

  • Essential Leadership Skills

  • Finding Purpose - Achieving Goals

  • Becoming a Fearless Woman - Overcoming Fear for Good!

group picture with Dacia
seminar with Dacia
Options for Working with Dacia

Here are some options for working with Dacia.

  • Half day or Full Day Workshop

  • Multiple Day Workshop Series

  • Individual and Small Group Coaching with access to coaching materials

  • Monthly Retainer with regular consultations and check-ins

Industry That Would Benefit

There a many industries that would benefit from having their staff attend a workshop or training facilitated by Dacia.  Some of those industries include:

  • Higher Education

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Business Affinity Groups

  • Corporations

  • Secondary Education - Professional Development Workshops

  • Executive Leaders

  • College Students

  • Healthcare Workers

  • Ministry Leaders

seminar with Dacia
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